A system where auto body shops filed claims on behalf of their customers could improve life for the repairer, consumer and insurer, Bodyshop Booster CEO Ryan Taylor proposed recently.

It was no different than what already occurred in the dental field, Taylor argued at the Nov. 8, 2019, SCRS IDEAS Collide event at SEMA.

Taylor said shops were in a race to the customer with parties like dealers, OEMs and insurers, calling such parties “influencers.”

The trick was to get repairers “as far upstream as possible,” he said.

Taylor said Bodyshop Booster started noticing that customers “more and more” were contacting body shops before filing a claim. He listed potential reasons like rising deductibles, fear of premiums increasing with a claim or a collision appearing on CARFAX.

The company had a call center in Toronto, Canada, contact a few thousand shops pretending to be a customer seeking an estimate, Taylor said.

For 94 percent of repairers, the first question was “‘Is this going through insurance?’” he said.

When told it was, 83 percent told the customer to call their insurer first, according to Taylor.

“We just relinquished the race,” he said.


Bodyshop Booster: Why not file auto claims right at collision facility?


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