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James Bond might get the sort of company cars that most of us can only dream of, but it seems that he would struggle to get insurance for them.

With the new Bond movie, SPECTRE, receiving its world premiere tonight, Privilege decided to work out the premium it would charge him for cover on an Aston Martin. However, it ultimately decided he was uninsurable.

Explaining it’s thinking, it said:

  • Mr Bond is often involved in high-speed car chases, providing great cause for concern about his road safety awareness and significantly increasing his propensity to crash. In addition, the large number of road accidents in his driving history makes him outside of our risk appetite.
  • His cars often have specialist modifications, such as ejector seats, machine guns and even amphibious capability, all of which pose a significant risk. It would also be quite difficult for us to source a like-for-like courtesy car while his was being repaired.
  • We use home addresses to calculate premiums and we suspect that he would use an address in an exotic location that we do not cover.
“James Bond has the sort of accident record that would put off most insurers.”
  • He is always on the vodka martinis, which causes concern that he has a lackadaisical attitude to drink-driving.
  • Can a spy actually give us his real name? If not, he would be committing insurance fraud by providing a false name on his application.

Rob Widdowfield, senior motor underwriting manager at the insurer, concluded: “High-speed car chases are an essential ingredient for any Bond film. However, they are our worst nightmare. I’m afraid we would have to politely decline Mr Bond’s application for insurance and suggest that he find cover with a more specialist provider.”

Aston Martin broker Philip Jones added: “James Bond has been good for Aston Martin sales, but it’s a shame he doesn’t look after his cars as well as our customers do.”

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