The excerpted article was written by Mike Rudyk · CBC News 

A new daycare in Whitehorse was not able to open on schedule this week because they can’t find an insurance company willing to cover them during the pandemic.

Ten students were enrolled in the Nest Forest School, which will largely deliver outdoor and land-based programs for preschool children.

But Erin Nicolardi, co-founder of Rivers to Ridges, which operates the daycare, said insurance companies don’t want to take the risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies were fine with summer camps, she said,  but would not insure a full-time indoor/outdoor daycare.

“It’s been really hard to have this program delayed because obviously there are families counting on this program,” said Emily Payne, Rivers to Ridges’ other co-founder.

The centre has been recently renovated to accommodate up to 14 preschoolers.

“Our understanding is that COVID[-19] has affected how some insurance companies are not willing to take on the risk of a new licensed childcare program,” Nicolardi said.

“We keep hitting barriers every time we try to approach the project with a new angle.”

She said their insurance broker gave them a hard no.


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