This video first ran in July 2011. 

Have you ever wondered why some people stay in the same job for years? So why aren’t all employees loyal to one employer for their entire careers?

Two words explain it: Great Leadership!

Here are ten things that great leaders do to engage their employees and keep them on staff:

  • They lead with humility and selflessness, putting the needs of their employees ahead of their own.
  • They work tirelessly, setting a great example for their team.
  • They support their workers when they have problems or get into trouble.
  • They listen constantly and consistently to their workers.
  • They respond immediately, openly and honestly when asked a question.
  • They do not play favourites and they treat everyone fairly.
  • They never show impatience or anger toward employees.
  • They never speak negatively about employees behind their backs.
  • They make good decisions for the business and for their workers.
  • They understand that every person is different and that no two people perform the same way.

A leader without long-term, engaged and devoted followers is just a lonely person with a title.

I’m Wayne Kehl from Dynamic Leadership.

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