There’s a difference between relaxing and letting your guard down. Canadian Red Cross safety experts created this easy to follow Water Safety Tip Sheet to ensure your time in and around the water is as safe as it is memorable.

Summer has been a long time coming. Social distancing means that Canadians have been spending plenty of time inside these last few months. While the pandemic we’ve been facing isn’t over yet, summer is finally here and spending time by the water might be the best way to safely take advantage of the warmer weather.

Pool sales have never been higher, and many towns and cities have begun to slowly reopen their beaches. But as you unpack your swimsuits we urge you to remember that safety should always be the first thing on your mind, whether you’re diving into the deep end, taking your boat out for a rip or simply dipping your toes in a quiet creek.

See the tip sheet in the link below.



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