REGINA _ Saskatchewan Government Insurance is looking at mandatory training for all-terrain vehicle drivers, but some are calling for stricter regulations to reduce ATV-related injuries and deaths.

The latest statistics from SGI show more than three dozen ATV-related collisions were reported in the province in 2013.

Now, the Crown corporation is mulling the possibility of making ATV training mandatory.

But John Meed of the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Association says mandatory training won’t be enough.

By Meed’s count, eight people have died in ATV accidents this year alone in Saskatchewan.

In one case, the driver was too young to legally drive an ATV. Alcohol was a factor in half of the deaths and, in all cases, someone was not wearing a helmet.

“Be it through training; be it through not drinking and riding; not speeding; not stunting every last one of those fatalities could have been prevented,” Meed said.

He said Saskatchewan should require ATVs to be registered and licensed, like snowmobiles.

However, SGI said it has no plans to move toward licensing ATVs, and that plans to make training mandatory are still far from finalized.

“What we want to do now is look to see what other jurisdictions are doing,” said SGI spokesperson Kelley Brinkworth.

“If they have a requirement for mandatory training, has that actually been effective at reducing injuries and fatalities?”


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