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SGI may have shared the details of a woman’s name and home address to a parking company without her consent, but that doesn’t constitute a breach of her privacy, the province’s privacy commissioner has ruled.

Last September, the privacy commissioner’s office received a complaint from a woman who said Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) had released her personal information to private parking company Impark without her knowledge or consent.

SGI responded that due to a court ruling, it had to release the registered owner’s name and address that went along with a specific licence plate.

The woman was not satisfied and asked the privacy commissioner to investigate.

In a report dated June 12 of this year, the privacy commissioner said the courts have upheld that the names and addresses of registered vehicle owners are not personal information because they are part of licence details.

The woman complained that SGI didn’t inform her in her licence agreement that her details would be shared outside of SGI. However, SGI has an online privacy policy that points out SGI can share a person’s name and address without consent for parking enforcement.

The privacy commissioner recommended that SGI ask the Ministry of Justice to study an amendment to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP). This amendment could change the definition of personal information and list the times it would be acceptable for SGI to disclose vehicle registration and licence information.

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