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June’s province-wide traffic safety spotlight saw law enforcement issue 74 tickets to new drivers and new motorcycle riders not following the restrictions outlined on their learner or novice licence, including:

  •   51 tickets for driving as a learner without a supervising driver
  •   21 tickets for failing to comply with a licence endorsement or restriction
  •   1 ticket for exceeding zero tolerance for alcohol or drug use
  •   1 ticket for failing to display the proper learner or novice placards on a motorcycleLaw enforcement throughout the province also issued an additional 5,240* traffic violations to other road users throughout June, including 3,985 speeding/aggressive driving offences, 254 impaired driving-related offences, 302 distracted driving offences (192 of those for cellphone use) and 407 seatbelt/car seat/booster seat violations.STEP resultsPolice from all over the province joined forces in Prince Albert on June 21 and 22 for a two-day Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) event. All traffic safety violations were enforced with a special focus on impaired driving, distracted driving (cellphones), speeding/aggressive driving and seatbelts/child seats. Law enforcement issued 302 tickets during the two-day blitz, including:
  •   91 tickets for speeding/aggressive driving
  •   23 tickets for cellphone use while driving
  •   1 tickets for failing to stop for red light/stop sign
  •   28 tickets related to light vehicle safety
  •   106 tickets related to commercial vehicles
  •   53 other traffic offencesSGI-certified car seat technicians also participated in the STEP event to help ensure and promote child passenger safety. They checked 182 child seats and seatbelts during the check stops and gave away nine car seats and 15 booster seats to encourage child restraint use.With construction season in full swing, motorists are reminded to #SlowDown as police continue to focus on aggressive driving in work zones throughout the month of July.


  • Visit SGI’s website at for more information relating to new drivers and new riders. Follow SGI on Facebook and Twitter for safety tips on how to #TakeCareOutThere.*Includes all traffic safety focus results for June submitted by police as of July 19, 2016.

For more information, contact:

Marie Schultz
Communications Consultant, Media Relations Phone: 306-751-3516
Cell: 306-527-0787

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