REGINA _ The Saskatchewan government is moving forward with changes to its auto injury coverage that it says will help people after a crash.

Don McMorris, minister responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance, says the changes will close loopholes that left some people unable to sue.

“There was one case that was fairly well known where a person was impaired driving. They ended up being charged for a greater charge. As a result, the victim could not sue, which just didn’t seem fair,” McMorris said Wednesday at the legislature.

“We’ve kind of widened the range of Criminal Code offences that people will have the ability to sue that they didn’t in the past.”

For example, McMorris said, if an impaired driver was killed while causing a crash, that person could not be charged. That also meant the victim couldn’t sue. One change would allow the innocent party or family to sue for pain and suffering or bereavement damages in those circumstances.

Injured people would also be able to sue if they were hurt by someone fleeing from police or street racing.

The government also aims to update amounts paid for living expenses and to cover costs of special equipment such as wheelchairs.

Legislation to make the changes is to be introduced this fall, but probably won’t be passed until after the provincial election April 4.


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