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Retired insurance agent Mac Burns says its time for all insurance companies to use standard wording in their policies, and the provincial government needs to make sure it happens.

“I have a standard wording on my auto policy. We would like to see the same come true for the homeowners policies,” said Burns.

Burns held a meeting on Sunday at the Jemseg Lions Club to help people trying to get insurance money after having their cottages and homes damaged by the flood.

Mac Burns is trying to help people struggling with their insurance companies in the wake of this year’s flood. (Philip Drost/CBC News)

He leads a group called “But For Wind”, which is trying to get insurance companies to recognize that wind also caused damage during the flood.

“If there’s 60 companies that insure homeowners policies in New Brunswick, there could be 60 different policy wordings for what they’re covered for,” said Burns.

Insurance confusion

Dawn Burke doesn’t know when she will get to live in her house again. (Philip Drost/CBC)

More than 50 people went to the meeting, including Dawn Burke. She has a home in Mill Cove, which was hit hard by the flood. She still can’t live in it, and doesn’t know when she will be able to move back in.

“We need as much help as we can. Education is so important for us. We don’t know what we don’t know,” said Burke.

Burke said her insurance company has been difficult to work with, and confusing. She would like things to be a lot clearer.

“For myself, and for many others, we get lost in the wording of a policy, and so then we have to take at face value what our insurance agents and adjusters are telling us, and we don’t really know if that’s the truth or not,” said Burke.

“People talked to me during the flood about how I was able to handle it, and I would say I struggle more now than when the event was actually happening, because of the unknown.”

PC MLA Ross Wetmore said he would support a standard homeowners policy for New Brunswick. (Philip Drost/CBC News)

Progressive Conservative MLA for Gagetown to Petitcodiac Ross Wetmore was at the meeting. He said he supports the idea of a standard homeowners policy across the province.

“I think that’s a great idea, I think it should be a standard policy,” said Wetmore.

Burns said the group’s first priority is to make sure insurance companies recognize people’s claims who had wind cause damage to their property. Then it will move on to pushing for the standardization of policy wording.

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