raccoonOriginally reported by Amy Judd of Global News

An East Vancouver woman is recovering after an attack with a raccoon sent her to the hospital. Karee Toft was walking her dog early in the morning on October 17, 2016 when the raccoon pounced. She did her best to fight the animal off, but was left with over 50 puncture wounds. The struggle lasted for over 15 minutes before her cries for help brought some neighbors to the rescue. She was taken to the hospital and immediately given an tetanus shot. Her dog, Indie, was also hurt, but is expected to make a full recovery.

“The raccoon ran and actually jumped on me and knocked me over and attacked me,” said Toft.  “He was in a total frenzy, he didn’t stop. I was holding Indie, our dog, with one hand as far away as I could on the ground.”  “I was trying to kick or get away, or punch the raccoon. He just wouldn’t stop.”

Urban raccoons have become more aggressive lately and experts suggest when walking your dogs try to avoid bushed areas or areas where disgruntled raccoons may reside.



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