SAAQ says changes will make it more difficult to illegally reproduce the cards

CBC news

Quebec’s automobile insurance board has unveiled a new design for drivers’ licences in the province aimed at making the cards more difficult to illegally replicate.

The driver photo will be black and white, which the SAAQ says will be higher resolution than its previous colour photos.

“The photo in black and white will have more information and more defined facial features,” said Mario Vaillancourt, a spokesman for the insurance board.

Other new features include:

  • the licence holder’s personal information is engraved by laser on a polycarbonate card.
  • it has additional or improved security features, some of which are tactile or visual.

The new licences are expected to last longer. Each card will be valid for eight years.

The first ones were mailed to Quebec drivers on Tuesday.

Old licences remain valid until their expiration date.

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