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With Black Friday approaching, many Canadians will be getting ready to head across the border in search of deals.

But a quick day trip could turn into financial disaster, with even a minor accident or illness leaving travelers with bills that can cost thousands of dollars.

According to data from Allianz Global Assistance Canada, only 1.4 per cent of single-trip policies purchased by Canadians were for one or two-day trips.

That’s in spite of 78 per cent of Canadians saying they were covered by some form of travel insurance on their last vacation, according to the company.

Allainz suggests there may be a coverage gap, with Canadians not considering that they’re leaving themselves vulnerable on short cross-border trips.

Though provincial healthcare will cover a small percentage of medical expenses in the U.S., it doesn’t come close to covering the thousands of dollars that can be incurred.

“Just getting a few stitches in an American hospital could cost upwards of $3,000, or a sprained ankle around $2,000,” VP of Market Management Dan Keon said in a press release.

“More serious injuries requiring surgery or hospital stays, such as those resulting from auto collisions, will also increase medical costs considerably and possibly into the tens of thousands of dollars.”

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