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Most flood victims will have to rely on the government for compensation and not their insurance companies, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Only 30% of Quebecers have the kind of flood insurance introduced in Quebec in 2017 that will qualify them for compensation – many didn’t qualify, didn’t think they’d need it, or decided the premiums were too hefty.

“If they were flooded and they don’t have the flood endorsement in their home policy then their option is to file a claim with the government for financial assistance,” said Pierre Babinsky of the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Flood victim Mark Zousmin has the insurance, and is dealing with his second flood in three years.

“Before the flood of 2017, I paid approximately $700 – 800 per year and after, they increased it to almost $1,500. I like this area but if they consider it in a flood zone and everybody is supposed to move, I will have no choice,” he said.

The provincial government said it’s working to improve the compensation process, announcing Wednesday a minister’s ‘action group,’ so flood victims get money faster and look toward the future.

“What’s been simplified is that people can know faster how much money they are entitled to receive and they can get this money faster,” said Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault.

Those going through it now say so far, it’s the same story as two years ago.

“The insurance companies say call the city, the city says call the government,” said flood victim Serge Lafleur. “In the end, it’s us that have to pay.”

The Insurance Bureau of Canada said it’s working with the federal government to create a funding program to help flood victims.

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