In May, law enforcement will focus on impaired drivers

Impaired driving is a costly and dangerous choice. For the May Traffic Safety Spotlight, police across Saskatchewan will focus on catching those who choose to drive impaired.

With warmer weather upon us, people may be making plans to have socially distant drinks on a deck or in a backyard.

If you’re one of them, please make sure your plans comply with public health orders on gatherings AND include a way to get home safely.

“No one should ever lose their life to a poor decision made by an impaired driver,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “The past year has taught us about the importance of looking out for each other. Let’s all keep that in mind.  If you’re drinking or using drugs, please don’t drive.”

Preliminary stats* show in 2020, 32 people died and 371 were injured because of crashes resulting from impaired driving. Those numbers are unacceptable because impaired driving is completely preventable.

“We continue to be surprised by the number of motorists who don’t seem to know or care that driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal and dangerous,” said Saskatoon Police Service Drug Recognition Evaluator Patrick Foster. “Our team is highly trained to determine impairment through field sobriety testing techniques. Driving impaired, because of any substance, is never worth the risk.”

In addition to alcohol and cannabis, SGI reminds drivers that any substance — legal or illegal — that alters your thinking can impact your ability to drive safely. This can include some prescription drugs, so please consult with your trusted health care professional about whether the medication you’re taking affects your ability to drive. When it comes to operating a vehicle, impaired is impaired.

The most troubling consequences of impaired driving are deaths or injuries, but if you need more reasons to not drive impaired, consider these consequences:

  • Possible jail time or a criminal record
  • Licence suspensions
  • Vehicle impoundment and seizures
  • Financial penalties – both court-ordered fines and Safe Driver Recognition penalties


Instead, drivers need to make a responsible choice by:

  • offering to be a designated driver for those in your bubble
  • calling a sober person in your bubble
  • calling a cab, rideshare or designated driving service
  • taking public transportation
  • always #DriveSober and Be A Good Wingman /


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