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After significant flooding in Swift Current, Sask., this week, SGI is reminding people to stay safe and file their claim as soon as possible.

You have up to two years to file your claim, but Saskatchewan Government Insurance said the sooner, the better.

The city was hit by a major downpour on Tuesday afternoon, which overwhelmed the sewer system and caused some basement flooding.

Following such flooding events, getting your appliances checked by a professional before you use them again is one thing SGI recommends.

Tyler McMurchy, a spokesperson for the Crown corporation, said it’s also a good idea to document expenses related to the cleanup after a flood.

“Keep track of your time and your expenses related to that. Some of that, or most of it, may be covered through your insurance claim,” he said.

It’s also important not to immediately throw things away as you begin to clean up, because the damage needs to be properly documented. If you need to throw something away, take photos and keep a list, SGI said.

McMurchy also said it’s a good idea to move any damaged items to a dry place with good ventilation.

The flooding in Swift Current has not produced an overwhelming number of SGI claims, according to McMurchy.

“The last I saw, there were between 50 and 100 combined property and auto claims, so this is certainly something that SGI has capacity to handle,” he said.

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