History of Insurance

The concept of insurance has its origins in our earliest history. As long as there have been humans, there has been the need to “spread the risks,” so to speak. With time and experience, the techniques developed became less of an action in basic survival and more of one offering protection against unexpected losses. The crucial elements of insurance have always been “safety in numbers.” Therefore, the need to develop an understanding of this became evident. The study of time and its effects were quantified. The year was first broken into segments and counting developed. One skill led to another. Communication was needed to transfer information. The various parties had to be able to envision time, understand the risks and be prepared. Teamwork was vital to survival. As this timeline shows, the history of insurance begins as a natural instinct and develops as a valuable, learned trait. Along the way are the events which remind us to safeguard our own future and that of our family.

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