Let’s face facts, if you’re financially able to purchase a high-performance sports car or top-shelf luxury vehicle you’re probably already prepared to fork over the proverbial arm and a leg to insure it.

But to indulge the schadenfreude of those less financially fortunate – or more fiscally responsible – we present the 2016 list of the costliest cars to insure, as compiled annually by Insure.com, in the accompanying slideshow.

The car that tops the charts this year is the hot-blooded Dodge Viper GT sports car, with an average annual auto insurance premium of $4,048. The Viper displaces the Nissan GT-R Nismo sport coupe that led the list for the past two years, and for 2016 drops to the number six spot.

Though its unlikely anyone would ever cross-shop the two models, those who would eschew the Viper and instead make a far safer and saner choice like the Honda Odyssey LX minivan, which the website cites as being the cheapest car to insure for 2016 at an average of just $1,113, would wind up saving $2,935 annually in premiums or a total of $14,675 over a five-year ownership period.

Source: Forbes

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