This is the month of the Great ShakeOut, and the Insurance Bureau of Canada is unveiling the results of a recent poll showing that just 8% of Quebecers think their home is at risk of damage because of an earthquake.

Know the risk to be better prepared
Of concern also is that 33% of them believe, mistakenly, that they are insured for earthquake risk, while only 4% of policyholders actually have coverage for this risk.** “These results are worrying when we know that Quebec has already experienced strong magnitude quakes and that the risk of a new one is only too real. The impact would be significant for the citizens affected and for the Quebec economy”, noted Pierre Babinsky, Director, Communications and Public Affairs, at IBC.

Virtual reality to create risk awareness
IBC’s awareness activities are ongoing and it is innovating to offer a unique virtual reality experience that allows participants to experience the impact of a quake from home.

The realistic experience and emotions created will allow Quebecers to experience the very real consequences of a quake in a home. “We fine tuned this tool so that it offers a realistic immersion for the participant. It’s a way of drawing attention to personal and material safety issues resulting from a quake”, added Mr. Babinsky.

The experience will be presented to the media and the public on October 16, 2019. For more information, please check our media invitation (in French only).

Three steps to protect yourself
Drop, Cover (under solid piece of furniture) and Hold On! These are the three steps to take in case of a quake, and the virtual reality experience shows how relevant they are.

In fact, these steps are practiced during the Great ShakeOut, an international drill held every year. There is still time to register free of charge on line to take part in this simulation on October 17, at 10.17 a.m.

* SOM Inc. poll carried out for Insurance Bureau of Canada, October 2019
** Earthquake coverage is added to the home insurance policy under an endorsement.

About Insurance Bureau of Canada
Insurance Bureau of Canada, which groups the majority of Canada’s P&C insurers, offers various services to consumers in order to inform and assist them when purchasing car or home insurance, or making a claim. For all other information, go to our website at

SOURCE Insurance Bureau of Canada

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