The Community Child Car Seat Program, offered in partnership by BCAA and United Way of the Lower Mainland, provides child car seats to eligible non-profit agencies and community groups throughout British Columbia.

Non-profit agencies and community groups can use the child car seats within their existing programs or provide them to families they serve which have children aged 9 and under.

It’s estimated that as many as 5% of British Columbians aren’t using a child car seat when transporting children. A correctly installed child car or booster seat is the most effective tool to help reduce the risk of child passenger injury or death on our roads.

Keeping children safe on B.C. roads is a top priority for BCAA. Through our Community Child Car Seat Program, BCAA invested nearly $300,000 during the program’s initial year and will contribute $100,000 each year during the length of the five-year program (through 2018).

This will place thousands of children in child car seats who otherwise may have gone without, allowing parents and caregivers to transport their children correctly and keep them safe when travelling on B.C. roads.

Program Requirements

Car seats will be distributed to eligible organizations in June.

Non-profit agencies and community groups that work with children age 9 and under and meet at least 1 of the following criteria are invited to apply to the program. Your organization must:

  • Work with families who do not have the resources to purchase a child car seat.
  • Transport children age 0-9 as part of your program.
  • Operate a child seat loaner program.

Applications are submitted online through United Way of the Lower Mainland.

To view a list of past child car seat recipients please click here.

For more information, please click here: The Community Child Car Seat Program,

BCAA is offering a free CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Basics Course as an online learning resource for parents, caregivers and professionals. The course will provide learners with the basic knowledge needed to secure children in vehicles and includes information on:

*What happens in a crash
*Protecting children in vehicles
*Using a seat belt system
*Using a child car seat
*Unsafe practice and problem solving
*Public education

Click here for 30 Days FREE access to this course!

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