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Stay focused and follow the pathway of a Virtual Classroom Program With a 4 week virtual classroom program you’ll receive:

  • Online streaming video course with unlimited access. Log in and out as many times as you need, with the ability to pause, rewind and review
  • A daily assisted learning calendar that outlines material covered each day to keep you on schedule
  • Access to an online discussion forum where daily answers to questions are posted
  • Weekly practice exams and review videos
  • Live support!

Virtual Classroom Programs = $550 plus tax each registrant.

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Jan 7 – Feb 1

Feb 18 – Mar 15

Apr 1 – Apr 26

May 13 – Jun 7

Jun 17 – Jul 12

Aug 5 – Aug 30

Sept 9 – Oct 4

Oct 21 – Nov 15

Dec 2 – Dec 27

Once you have registered an ILS Customer Service Representative will contact you with further details and program materials. The ILScorp Virtual Classrooms are completed entirely online, and are ideal for students who benefit from learning in a more structured atmosphere with daily tasks and outlines. Within the 4 week program each day is broken down in a calendar showing what course material to cover and questions assigned to answer. There is no set “classroom time” – the daily video course material, tasks and questions can be completed at your convenience, using the calendar as a guideline to keep you on track during the 4 weeks. Through an online discussion forum you will have access to the answers of your daily assigned questions, as well as the ability to ask the instructor your own questions. Every Friday you receive a review video which summarizes the material covered during the week. Once your 4 week program is complete, you can access your course material for a full 3 months. (3 months after the end date of the virtual classroom) This ensures you can review your material until you feel you are fully prepared to write your exam. ILS recommends a minimum study time of 80 to 120 hours.

Student Benefits of an ILScorp Virtual Classroom Program

Daily Assisted Learning Virtual Classrooms with ILScorp

Moderated by long-time insurance educator Todd Hochban, the ILS Virtual Classroom Programs prepare you to write your insurance licensing exam in just four weeks, sending your insurance career to new heights!

Daily Assisted Learning Calendar

To keep you on track, we provide a study calendar that breaks down the insurance training courses into easy-to-manage daily study modules.

Online Video Courses

It’s like having your own private tutor with the added benefit of being able to pause, rewind and review at the touch of a button.

Online Discussion Forum

Have a question, ask the instructor! Post questions, review answers and really think about what you’re learning.

Weekly Practice Exams

Weekly practice exams simulate a real-exam environment so students are comfortable with the process.

Review Videos

Summarizes material covered. An extra study tool that you can come back to again and again!

Live Customer Support

Yes REAL PEOPLE! No telephone trees or unanswered emails.

Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel – Wawanesa launches #YouHaveOneJob

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, April 1, 2019 – It’s no joke – being distracted while driving can have severe consequences to your safety and have significant impacts to your insurance rates and right to drive.

“Distracted driving is a major factor in rising collision rates, and vehicles are becoming more expensive to repair due to the new technologies built into them,” says Wawanesa’s President of Canadian Property & Casualty Operations, Carol Jardine. “When we focus on the road, we not only keep ourselves and others safe – we can also help influence rising insurance costs.”

During the month of April, Wawanesa Insurance is promoting safe driving habits by inviting Canadians to join the conversation about the impacts of distracted driving. Through the #YouHaveOneJob social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Wawanesa will also encourage and teach people how to use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on smartphones.

No one is immune to the potential consequences to their safety, driving record and insurance premiums if they engage in high risk behaviours behind the wheel. The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that distracted driving is potentially as dangerous as impaired driving and is much more common. If you drive while distracted, here are facts you should know:

  • You are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision if you text while driving and four times more likely if you talk on a cellphone (hand-held or hands-free) while driving.
  • A distracted driver may fail to see up to 50 per cent of the available information in the driving environment. You may look but not actually “see” what is happening.
  • A study showed that nearly 80 per cent of collisions and 65 per cent of near-collisions involved some form of driver inattention up to three seconds prior to the event.


More data is available on the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website.

Tips to stay safe while driving:


About The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, founded in 1896 in the Village of Wawanesa, Manitoba, is the largest Canadian Property and Casualty Mutual insurer with more than $3 billion in annual revenue and assets of more than $9 billion. Wawanesa Mutual, with executive offices in Winnipeg, is the parent company of Wawanesa General, which offers property and casualty insurance in California and Oregon; Wawanesa Life, which provides life insurance products and services throughout Canada; and Western Financial Group, which distributes personal and business insurance across Canada. With over 5,000 employees, Wawanesa proudly serves over two million policyholders through regional offices and service offices in Canada and the United States. Wawanesa actively gives back to organizations that strengthen communities where it operates, donating well above internationally recognized benchmarks for excellence in corporate philanthropy. Learn more at

SSQ Insurance employees pranked on April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ – SSQ Insurance employees across the country were astonished to see a school of fish swim through their offices. For April Fool’s, a squad of SSQ Insurance employees wearing fish masks and the company’s colours made its way through the floors, elevators, boardrooms and cafeteria to prank employees and capture their reactions on video.

“The idea for the prank comes from the social phenomenon of fish schooling, whereby fish swim together in a coordinated manner. The company wanted to illustrate this collective behaviour on April Fool’s Day as a nod to its ‘communities make us’ brand positioning,” said Annie Lafond, Vice-President – Marketing and E-Business.

Every April 1, many companies try to outdo each by playing pranks on consumers. This year, SSQ Insurance decided to switch things up and prank its employees, and it definitely worked. Employees were very surprised, especially when the school of fish even swam into an executive meeting.

About SSQ Insurance
Founded in 1944, SSQ Insurance is a mutualist company that puts community at the heart of insurance. With assets under management of $12 billion, SSQ Insurance is one of the largest companies in the industry. Working for a community of over three million customers, SSQ Insurance employs over 2,000 people. Leader in group insurance, the company also sets itself apart through its expertise in individual life and health insurance, general insurance and the investment sector. For more information, please visit


SOURCE SSQ Insurance

It’s Spring break time for ILSTV News

It’s Spring break time for ILSTV News

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