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Canpro Global: Risk mitigation with a global reach

Narrator: They are a risk mitigation company operating in Canada and abroad since 1975. And according to current Canpro Global President and CEO Robert Burns, being successful in the field of risk mitigation means a company that is truly multi-dimensional.

Robert Burns: A risk mitigation company for us is a suite of services that work independently and interdependently in order to offer up to client bases from risk management insurance, large corporations, risk management departments, legal departments and such. It’s a whole series of services that help them mitigate risk in all kinds of ways, both proactive and preventive.

Our reach is global. We are based in Vancouver as a head office, but we have offices throughout western Canada and partnerships in Canada. We have offices in different parts of the world. We often operate where trouble is. We’re helping often the highest risk issues for our client base.

For example, we have projects in 14 countries last year: in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East. We have ongoing, full-time projects and people on the ground with office locations in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and in Abu Dhabi. We’re in a partnership in Abu Dhabi with the Interior Ministry, with the National Security Institute, for example. We do a great deal of work throughout the whole corridor down through North America, so Mexico all the way down to the tip of Chile.

Narrator: Ironically, one of Canpro’s most international and memorable assignments happened right outside their head office, when the city of Vancouver hosted the 2010 Olympics.

Robert Burns: We worked a great deal with the Olympic sponsors. We had about eight Olympic sponsors we were heavily involved with, which included the media which put us front and centre with the public and with the issues around security. The media becomes part of the critical infrastructure for the location when it’s running for something like the Olympics. Certain levels of security are pretty much mandated. As well, we had numerous other government meetings taking place on and around the Olympics that we were involved with. The types of projects that we would be involved with would range anything from executive protection and transportation and the logistics while they’re here, arranging equipment, arranging secure locations that are secret for certain types of equipment to secure them from untoward activity by protesters, to literally guarding stages. Front and centre, we were in charge of the Robson Square area for the government with police services in downtown Vancouver. We ran medic services in there as well because BC Ambulance was having difficulties coming in and out. We’d have up to 15 medical emergencies a day, as an example. We had a lot of adventure there but also we had a lot of dealings with the celebrities who came and went which was a lot of fun, of course. Touring those Olympic medals was extremely, extremely patriotic and very exciting. There’s nothing like walking into a children’s hospital with a set of Olympic and Paralympic medals handcuffed to your wrist in a bomb-proof police briefcase and showing them to them and their families was very interesting – a very fascinating time.


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