For the third year in a row, Canada’s capital has been named the Best Place to Live by MoneySense magazine.

Ottawa remained in the top spot with its above-average ranking in many categories used to place the cities such as household income, population growth and arts and culture, the magazine said.

This year’s MoneySense rankings covered 190 Canadian cities or towns with populations of at least 10,000. Twenty-two categories were considered to create the list.

“While we can’t gauge many of the elements that people enjoy in their cities, the nearness of family, the friendliness of neighbours or even great sunsets, we have measured what can be measured and compared what can be compared from towns and cities across our provinces and territories,” the magazine wrote.

Overall, the top ten Best Places to Live for 2012 are:

  1. Ottawa, Ontario
  2. Burlington, Ontario
  3. Kingston, Ontario
  4. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  5. Regina, Saskatchewan
  6. Brandon, Manitoba
  7. Fredericton, New Brunswick
  8. Edmonton, Alberta
  9. Red Deer, Alberta
  10. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Some of Canada’s biggest cities dropped in rankings in 2012 compared to 2011. Vancouver dropped to 56th place from 29th, largely due to the high cost of housing, the magazine said. Montreal dropped to 149th place from 123rd. However, Canada’s biggest city Toronto jumped to 47th from 88th.

The complete list of cities, broken down by each of the 22 sub-categories, can be downloaded in this spreadsheet. (XLS)

Information on the methodology is available here.

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