For the first time in history, it appears that Canada is leading the medal count at an Olympics.

This holds true for both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The Star’s Cathal Kelly tweeted this out from Sochi on Monday, and it was retweeted more than 200 times.

While the Canadian Olympic Committee was trying to confirm this, it appears that at no other time has Canada led an Olympic Games in medals.

After three days of competition, Canada has seven medals, including three gold and three silver, tying this country with Norway and the Netherlands atop the leaderboard. Russia has six medals and the United States has five.

Canada’s sport leaders are aiming to win the overall medal count in Sochi after finishing third in 2010 with 26.

Bruce Kidd, one of Canada’s greatest athletes and a sports historian, told the Star he believes this is the first time this has ever happened.

He said Canada has never led “in recent memory” but that he can’t be sure if this is the first time ever.

Canada came close to leading in 1998 because Canada won a gold on the first day (Ross Rebagliati), but Russia won a gold and a silver that day. Canada was second.

The Star’s library reports that it could have happened in the early years of the Olympics, but there’s no real way to check to see if Canada was leading the medals after Day 2 in 1924.

Chris Rudge, the former CEO of the COC, believes this is the first time Canada has led at an Olympics.

However, he doesn’t think we should read too much into it.

Four years ago, Canada got off to a slow start and the nation’s nerves were on edge because many of this country’s best events were backend loaded, and this year, new events such as slopestyle and team figure skating — sports that favour Canada — came early in the schedule.

“We’ve always come on strong at the end,” Rudge said. “Yes, it probably is true that this is the first time Canada has led at an Olympics, but does it mean anything? It’s a bit of a mug’s game. We really won’t know until we get to the end of the Games. Having said that, it certainly does not detract from a spectacular performance by those athletes.”

No matter if this can be confirmed or not, the fact that Canada is leading at this stage of the Olympics is certainly something to crow about. And people are certainly letting the world know where Canada stands.

Excerpted article written by Curtis Rush, The Star

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