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The Consumer Advocacy Group of Canada (CAGOC) is currently inviting media to contact CAGOC at the information below pertaining to a consumer-facing story about a millennial customer of Sonnet Insurance, a division of and underwritten by Economical Insurance Company. This customer is calling on Roger Dunbar, President of Sonnet and Rowan Saunders, President of Economical Insurance, to revise their management skills on customer strategy and policies of how Sonnet deals with millennial consumers. The story focuses on the Ontario-based auto insurance consumer, who in CAGOC’s opinion, has and continues to be egregiously mistreated by their insurer. Are companies that target millennial consumers actually better for millennials or is it just a marketing tactic? CAGOC is seeking Canadian consumers with similar stories and encourage them to contact us at the information below.

The story may be provided upon review, on an exclusive basis, packaged facts, documents, photos, and materials by CAGOC about the consumer’s experience. A letter from the consumer allowing media to discuss their case with the corporation, and various ministers who have been notified, will also be provided. Ministers notified include the Hon. Christine Elliott, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care (Ontario); Hon. Doug Downey, Minister of the Attorney General (Ontario); and Hon. Lisa M. Thompson, Minister of Government and Consumer Services (Ontario). Interested reporters are encouraged to contact CAGOC at the information provided below.

The Consumer Advocacy Group Of Canada was founded in 2009 as a non-partisan, consumer-centric, organization consisting of Canadian researchers, advocates, and thinkers, who are tuned into assisting with Canadian consumer advocacy and mandated to create a fair and equal environment for all Canadian Citizens. Funded by members of the public, CAGOC pursues matters of public interest and/or concern for Canadian consumers and the general public.

SOURCE The Consumer Advocacy Group Of Canada

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