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TORONTO, August 9, 2016 – BrokerLink, one of Canada’s largest property and casualty insurance brokerages today announced the launch of Farm Advantage, a new farm insurance coverage program featuring insurance benefits and discounts.

While currently only available in Ontario, there is potential to expand to additional BrokerLink markets in the future.

“The agricultural market in Ontario is evolving,” said Paul Meyer, Head of Acquisitions for BrokerLink. “BrokerLink’s unique structure, with 75 offices in Ontario – many of which are located in farming towns – positions us well to understand the needs of our customers and provide tailored insurance solutions to dairy, beef, poultry and cash crop farmers.”

Two of BrokerLink’s key farm insurance partners, Heartland Farm Mutual Inc., and Trillium Mutual Insurance Company, have
joined BrokerLink in the launch of the program. With their support, BrokerLink is able to offer this industry leading and comprehensive insurance coverage.

“The Farm Advantage program offers two key benefits,” said Linda Fischer, project lead and Account Executive from
BrokerLink’s Port Elgin office. “First, by partnering with Heartland Farm Mutual and Trillium Mutual, we have been able to
create two endorsement packages that are bundled for maximum savings.”

Farm Advantage customers pay one low price for coverage that is normally sold individually. Some endorsements include
non-owned equipment coverage, first party pollution and miscellaneous tools and equipment.

“The second benefit to the Farm Advantage program is that eligible customers can qualify to have the deductible waived on
their first loss and have their first claim forgiven,” said Fischer.

Each year, Farm Advantage customers with a minimum of $5,000 in premium can earn points by referring customers to BrokerLink, attending a farm tradeshow, completing an annual review with a broker or receiving an insurance quote on an additional insurance product. With enough points, they will qualify to have their deductible waived, up to a maximum of $1,000, and their first claim forgiven.

“Several of our employees are not only insurance professionals but knowledgeable farmers as well. By leveraging their real-life
experiences we know we can position BrokerLink as the choice for agri-business consumers,” Fischer added.
For full details on the BrokerLink Farm Advantage program, please visit

About BrokerLink

Established in 1991, the BrokerLink companies, which include Canada Brokerlink Inc., Canada Brokerlink (Ontario) Inc. and
Macdonald Chisholm Trask Insurance, together constitute one of the largest Canadian property and casualty insurance brokerage operations with over 115 offices supported by more than 1,400 employees across Ontario, Alberta and Atlantic Canada.

The BrokerLink companies are subsidiaries of Intact Financial Corporation (TSX: IFC).

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Linda Fischer
Account Executive

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