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Are you truly kind?

As you make your way through your life, do you consciously and deliberately consider whether or not you are truly kind? Or instead, do you justify rudeness, revenge, abruptness, or cruelty as being somehow righteous and fair? As your day unfolds, do you look for ways to do kind things for others that will not garner you any notoriety or fame? Or instead, do you simply do apparently good things that will attract attention and advance your position if noticed by the right person? A charitable or kind act is not something that is done to gain favour or attract pats on the back. It is something that is done out of pure goodness and a spirit of caring and giving. True kindness does not come with conditions or an expectation of reward. Good people are kind to everyone at all times without motive.
Each day take a moment to ask yourself, “Have I done any good for the world today? Have I helped anybody just for the sheer pleasure of it? When you can answer “yes!” to those two questions, your life will have true value and you will be recognized as a truly good person.

I am Wayne Kehl from Dynamic Leadership

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