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Are All-Season tires okay for winter driving?

We asked our viewers to send us their questions and concerns about winter tires, and we posed those to tire expert Paul Luciano, co-owner of CP Tire in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Carl  from Winnipeg asks, “Are my all-season tires fine for winter driving?”

Paul Luciano: I would say that we need winter tires. Part of it is obviously the snow and the ice, but the vehicles have changed a lot, too. The profile of the tires doesn’t allow for very good traction with an all-season tire. A low-profile tire is a lot more rigid and doesn’t give you the same flexibility as a tire that’s not a low-profile – one with a higher side wall and gives you better resistance on the road for winter.

So an all-season tire really is not at all good on most cars today because they’re just about everything you buy now is performance-enhanced: sedan, coupe, SUV, even mini-vans – except for maybe all-wheel drive, you’re better suited with a snow tire.

Lots of people come in at the fear of any snow, but seven degrees Celsius is the optimum temperature in that that’s when your all-seasons are no longer giving you all-season traction. They’re basically no longer malleable enough to give you proper traction, so that’s when the snow tire takes over.


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