January 22, 2019

December is a month unlike any other: holiday work parties, family get-togethers, and holiday cheer. While combining all these things makes for a cheerful month, it’s also a time police are especially focused on enforcement of impaired driving.

For the December Traffic Safety Spotlight, police across Saskatchewan reported 352 impaired driving offences, including 306 Criminal Code charges and 46 roadside suspensions (experienced drivers with a blood alcohol content ranging from .04 to .08).

Police also reported the following:

  • 375 distracted driving offences (including 282 cellphone tickets);
  • 287 tickets related to seatbelts and car seats; and
  • 4,771 tickets for speeding and aggressive driving.

January’s focus for the Traffic Safety Spotlight is also on impaired driving, because SGI wants to make 2019 the year nobody even thinks about driving impaired.

Reminder: it’s never been harder to get away with driving impaired.

As of December 18, police across Canada can demand a breath sample of any driver they’ve pulled over. Law enforcement across Saskatchewan will also soon have access to roadside saliva tests that detect recent cannabis use, which is bad news for people trying to drive high. Police can also determine if drivers are impaired by drugs through the use of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and Drug Recognition Evaluations.

If you’re impaired by alcohol or any kind of drug, don’t drive. If you’re not sure if you’re good to drive or not, don’t risk it. There is always a better alternative.

We also want to thank everyone who chose to #DriveSober or planned a safe ride home this holiday season, doing their part to help keep Saskatchewan roads safe.

Tyler McMurchy

Manager, Media Relations


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